ana bedouin​​

middle eastern kitchen​​

ana bedouin​​

a nomadic Arab of the desert. "an encampment of Bedouin on the edge of the desert"
'ana bedouin' has been opened as a middle eastern kitchen for the times of today. From our travels around the world in the past few years, our heritage and love for
middle eastern food we have been inspired by many things we've savoured - visits to
Morocco, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Tunisia, Turkey, Lebanon, to name a few, and
our general interest in the middle eastern way of eating and sharing we have decided

to create a fine dining experience for all to enjoy and love.

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​**​Please Call us for Bookings of 10 or more people
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​We are a Licensed Restaurant and have a selection of Beers, Wines and Spirits

​We do have a collection service too